Business in a Global World: A New Start-Up that Helps You Translate your Website

When it comes to the Internet, there are a lot of negatives.  From bullying to hiding drug money, the Internet has opened avenues that would have otherwise been closed in the corporeal.  However, for all its faults, the Internet has brought the World closer together.  People in one nation can see the thoughts of people from another.  For what it’s worth, it’s probable that the Arab Spring would not have started were it not of the Internet.  There is still one barrier that hasn’t been broken by the digital revolution, language.  Although, medicine and coding use English as its lingua franca the ability to get intentions across is still curtailed by the lack of understanding.

Translation is laborious task.  It’s not just getting the words right, as I said before, intention and nuance of meaning is equally if not more important.  That’s where the company Smartling hopes to step in.  The company has a new Translation Management System, sort of like a Content Management System like WordPress which many of us familiar with.  This system makes it easier for translators to see in context changes to the webpage.

There’s also Cloudwords which uses a combination of professionals, crowd sourcing, and machine translations.  It’s quicker because it focuses more on getting the words correct.  While, Smartling does not have a proprietary machine translation, it instead uses an integrated form of Google Translate.

So would your business benefit by having it presented in another language.  You should talk to your IT professionals to see where your traffic is coming from and decide for yourself.