Vaulting the Language Barrier

Who are you talking to when you talk about your business? If you’re only creating materials in English, the answer is “not as many as you could be.”

Whether it’s customers, material suppliers or potential partners, looking beyond the English-language market can make sense for all sorts of businesses. These days the fastest-growing markets for many U.S. companies—whether they’re making smartphone apps or specialized machine parts—are in China, India and other developing countries. And even if you’re only working close to home, there’s a good chance there’s a potential market in local immigrant communities.

The problem, of course, is that language really can be a barrier. That’s where Translation Cloud comes in. It’s a service that can translate websites, documents and legal papers quickly and reliably. It can even localize software and video games. You just use the company’s website to upload your document, and they send the translated version right to your email.

That means you can explain the nuances of your business on a Chinese-language website, create a version of your new video game to sell in South Korea or include a version of your product instructions in flawless Spanish.

Translation Cloud works with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and provides translation into more than 50 languages. And because it operates online, you can work with the company from wherever in the world you are.

All of which means, there’s no reason you can’t be talking to a lot more people about your company than you are right now.