Text from Your PC with These Great Cloud Apps

Text messaging is no longer only for making plans for lunch. Professionals across the globe are using SMS to conduct business, sharing messages with clients and colleagues throughout the day. But typing messages on smartphone keyboards can be grueling, especially once a communication is flowing. If a person is seated in front of a PC, there should be a way to type messages through its much more user-friendly keyboard.

Android or Landline

Zipwhip lets users send desktop texts from Windows using a landline or Android phone number. For businesses, this is an exciting option because it enables professionals to communicate with clients without draining their text messaging plans on personal or business smartphones. Professionals can even use the app on their iPads or other tablets. Zipwhip supports all browsers, desktop and tablet operating systems, and even the Amazon Kindle.


For Android users, MightyText is a free web-based solution that can be deployed on any machine running Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer. All texts are synced through the app, so the employee will see the latest messages regardless of the device. While the user will need to run MightyText on his smartphone to ensure messages remain synced, MightyText uses the existing Android number, so the person on the other end will see no difference.


For iPhone users, Windows texting isn’t easy, although there are a few web-based options. iPhone users with Mac computers have the option of Messages, which lets a professional flow seamlessly from a text communication on an iPhone or iPad to a MacBook or other Apple computer.

Thanks to these apps, professionals seated in front of a PC can text without forcing themselves to type on smartphone screens. The functionality is easiest for Android users, but iPhone’s Messages does offer professionals an extra incentive to move toward Mac as a desktop or laptop solution.