Five Benefits To IT Outsourcing For Medium-Sized Businesses.

Spirinet is a Boston-based company, but provides outsourced IT services to clients across the world.  One question we’re often asked by potential clients is: “exactly what are the benefits to outsourcing my IT, versus hiring a part-time IT specialist who comes into my office?”

We wanted to use this blog post to outline what we feel are the five strongest benefits for medium-sized businesses when they outsource their IT department.

1/ Cost:

This is often the first decision-making step of any business, and we’re glad to report that outsourced IT provides at least a 20% savings from a physical IT asset.

This cost reduction is due to a variety of factors, such as the virtual nature of the business, the flexibility of an outsourced solution, and much more.  We’ll discuss the reasons for cost savings in our subsequent points below.

2/ Broad Knowledge:

When you hire a part-time IT employee who comes into your office, you’re only able to benefit from one person’s experience and perspective.  No matter how competent they are, there will inevitably be holes in their knowledge where you aren’t going to get the best advice or support possible.

With an outsourced IT firm, you’re benefitting from many different perspectives and vast expertise, honed by working with hundreds of clients across a wide variety of categories.  In short, an outsourced IT firm can give you the highest level of advice and provide you with the most accurate and timely support.

3/ Responsiveness:

Most medium-sized businesses can only afford to have a part-time IT asset.  Either the asset comes in for half days, or on specific days.  However, your technology is running 24/7, and when it breaks, you need action – very, very quickly!

With an outsourced IT firm, you’re getting support 24/7, 365 days a year.  Can your part-time IT asset say that?

4/ Reduced Overhead:

With a physical part-time IT specialist, you have to keep him or her on payroll whether or not there are IT issues.  Outsourced IT is far more flexible, and can work with the ebbs and flows of your IT needs.

5/ Risk Management:

A big issue with companies is turnover.  Just when your IT specialist gets the hang of all of your different systems, they’ve accepted another job – and you have to start from scratch again!

With an outsourced IT company, you have continuity, and can be comfortable with the knowledge that someone who knows your business very well will always be available when issues arise – a big weight off the shoulders of most companies!

In Conclusion:

After reading through these five points, hopefully you can see what a big difference IT outsourcing can make for companies large and small. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or review more information about IT outsourcing on our website.

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