Coud Data Security

Is your cloud data secure?

Nowadays, 1 in 3 companies using SaaS applications have lost confidential business information, and according to Datto accidental deletion is the most basic cause of cloud data loss, but it is also the most common.

Organizations face a significant liability if users delete or overwrite files, emails, or a record unintentionally, or if some employees leave the company and take sensitive files with them.

As businesses increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many think that Microsoft or Google’s native security options are enough to keep their sensitive data secure.

Well, not really.

While a SaaS application is always available and accessible from anywhere, it doesn’t offer advanced protection against unexpected data loss and have limited capabilities for recovery. SaaS providers protect you from hardware and software failures, natural disasters, and power outages. They don’t protect you from human error or malicious acts.  Unfortunately, that could escalate into something serious.

Therefore, you need…

A Simple, Automated, and Secure Solution for your Cloud Data

Our SaaS Protection backup and recovery solution for Office 365 and GSuite separates your critical data from the environment and the user who created it, allowing you to take control of your business once again.

Our data protection solution delivers reliable and easy backups, speedy recovery, and secured data for your compliance and regulatory needs.

Organizations that don’t enforce data encryption will be more exposed to data-confidentiality issues. For instance, cyber attackers might steal data from compromised accounts or gain unauthorized access to data if it is saved in Clear Format.

Fast Recovery from Data Loss

If an employee deletes a very important document from OneDrive or an entire folder of important emails by accident, and the retention period in the Recycle Bin has expired, Microsoft or Google will not be able to recover that data. Even if those files are within your retention period, locating and restoring certain data can cost you a lot of time.

ComputerSupport will keep your data regardless of your retention plan and allows you to easily recover your files. Our reliable backups and efficient restore/export features will keep your data safe, so you never have to worry about losing your SaaS data anymore.

To Recover from Ransomware Attacks in the Cloud

NOTE: In 2017, ransomware attacks were unprecedented – WannaCry in May, ExPetr in June, and BadRabbit in late October. Mobile ransomware has risen by over 250% in 2017 and maintained the trend in 2018.

Statistically, ransomware attacks, especially in the cloud, are on the rise. Unfortunately, the question is no longer if an attack will happen, but when. However, businesses can prevent such attacks from causing massive damage relatively easily.

By backing up data, in a granular way, at regular time intervals, you can roll back your data to a point in time before the infection occurred to recover un-encrypted emails and files.

NOTE: We back up your data in compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC1/ SSAE 16 and SOC2).

As you probably know, organizations must prove that they are diligent and using correct security controls to improve data security in order to comply with industry regulations.

Employee Lifecycle Management

We enable a plain transition for employees as they cycle in and out of your organization and keep the data they created. Our solution allows admins to get access and replace departed employee data to a new account, download files directly, or simply archive a user’s dataset until the company hires a replacement.

Bottom line, your data deserves more than industry standard security

We always go the extra mile to make sure your SaaS data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected. Therefore, we provide a wide range of security services that focus on people, process, and technology. These services include security awareness training, advanced phishing and spam protection, Office 365 back-up and recovery, and network security services.