Top SEO Rank Factors and What They Mean – Part 1

I recently came across a relevant blog post and decided this may be an interesting post for some of the visitors of our blog, who may not be SEO experts yet have an interest in making their website rank higher. Disclaimer: I personally am not in the SEO field professionally, but take an avid interest in it and would like to share some of my knowledge with those that may find it interesting. With that, here is the list I compounded from the above blog and other places, of Top SEO Factors:

1. Age of Domain: I feel this, and the second item on this list, are probably the 2 single most important factors, especially for Google SEO. Unfortunately, this factor is often times beyond our control. If an opportunity arises, do purchase a domain name with significant age. Google does penalize you when the domain registration information changes as it knows the ownership changed, but the penalty is not severe.

2 .Inbound links: this is another very important factor. The basic premise behind Google algorithms is still the number of quality inbound links pointing at your domain. Of course, quality, or authority, of the links plays a huge factor – get an inbound link from the, which is considered an authority on government matters, and the benefit of this link is much higher then from some unknown site.

3. Title Tags: Title tags are what you see at the top of the browser (see pic), and what shows up as the website title when you do a search in google. Place your most important keyword closest to the beginning of the sentence, those count more.

title tag

4. Keyword on pages: Its only obvious that a search engine reads the text on your page, and sees if there is relevant content to the search query, and takes that into ranking account. Make sure your pages have relevant keywords, but do not overdo – this should come naturally if you have good content. Bolding important keywords makes a difference as well.

5.H1, H2 and alt tags: These HTML Tags are important to Google – you should have your most important keywords in H1 tags, less import in H2, etc..Also, every image should have an alt tag with a description. Please make sure to run your site through W3C markup validion and be sure it is error-free.

Well, this is it for part 1…to be continued….

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  1. blucigs says:

    Hands down, Apple’s app keep wins by a mile. It’s a massive choice of all types of applications vs a fairly unhappy variety of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has ideas, particularly in the realm of games, but I’m not confident I’d want to wager on the future if this factor is important to you. The iPod is a a lot better option in that scenario.

  2. Ann says:

    Oh, an excellent piece of text! No idea how you wrote this’d take me weeks. Well worth it though, I’d suspect. Have you considered selling banners on your website?

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