Touching Facebook

They say that there’s no such thing as bad press.  Well, those guys weren’t around to see Facebook’s stock flounder and the brokers pull their hair out.  Many investors feel that Facebook is aloof.  It’s value too intangible.  The only major asset that Facebook totes around is the data is has on its users.  Knowledge might be power, but it doesn’t always equal money.   So what does Facebook has that has value that we can touch?


To house the 590 million users’ data plus all the ads and such, Facebook is estimated to have 60 thousand servers.  That pales in comparison to the estimated one million servers that Google has.  Facebook has also built a facility in Prineville Oregon.  That massive structure is one the greenest severs in the state with PUE rating of 1.15.  Facebook has even revealed the technical aspects of their servers.

The Future:

Facebook has seemed to bank on transparency and cloud computing.  Unlike Google which plays its self-made server cards close to the chest.  We’ll have to see if this commitment to cloud and green technology will help Facebook in the future.