24x7 Server Monitoring

Few Reasons Why 24×7 Network & Server Support Is Mandatory

Imagine what happens if your organization’s network or server(s) suddenly goes down one night? In case you didn’t plan something, there are two scenarios: either incredibly high over-time costs or solving the issue/s during the workday.

Having 24×7 monitoring of your network and server(s) will ensure that your organization can keep working around-the-clock and that every IT issue is solved as it comes up, avoiding a destructive cascade of failures.

Procure an Instant, Experienced Support Team & Save Money

Rather than having to rely on one or two IT employees, a company with a managed IT service solution expanding network, server, and help desk support has immediate access to a qualified, experienced team. Its members will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem and resolve it in a timely manner, so that your organization doesn’t experience substantial business disruption.

A managed IT service solution will free up your IT staff, so that your IT department can focus on more important issues. That means you won’t be paying your IT team overtime, instead, you’ll be able to use their knowledge and experience to optimize the existing infrastructure looking for new technologies to improve business operations.

Businesses today cannot afford downtime

When their IT infrastructures get hit, their internal workflow will stop, and organizations will be unable to deliver their products/services to their waiting clients, losing money and getting their brand affected as a result. Some companies can suffer hits and overcome episodes like these, others can’t.

Technical problems may occur. Hardware/software issues are always a possibility. Of course, not every IT support issue can cause a disaster and not every issue is urgent, but how your IT Help Desk responds is crucial because it can make the difference between a little hiccup and a massive business interruption.

Here are two key reasons why 24×7 network and server support should never be optional.

24×7 Monitoring

People may stop working on nights or over weekends, but systems don’t. Your help desk should be teamed with 24×7 remote monitoring catching little IT issues before they become big ones, in many cases before you’re even aware there’s an issue.

With 24×7 monitoring, there’s a good chance that your help desk will already be aware of the problem you’re experiencing and are actively working to resolve it.

Urgent Issues

This may seem like a costly luxury, but it’s not. The team providing 24×7 monitoring can also provide 24×7 support in much the same way that grocery stores can stay open all night since employees are already there stocking shelves.

Of course, your team may not always be working nights and weekends, but when they are, it’s probably for an important reason. The last thing they need is to be blocked because they can’t get support.


24×7 Network and Server Support is not a luxury, but rather a requirement. A requirement that will avoid hassles and keep your team happy and productive.