3 Reasons Your Data Should Be Available in Real Time

As the holiday season approaches, the demand on servers around the globe will reach the highest point of the year. To remain competitive, businesses are feeling more pressure to provide always-up-to-date inventory information, live streaming news, and scaling to accommodate growing customer demand. Smaller businesses may think this type of technology is out of their reach, but with products like Kinesis from Amazon Web Services (AWS), even the smallest businesses can deploy the latest technology to meet consumer demand.

When set up by a managed AWS/Azure provider, Kinesis can begin working for you immediately. No complicated setup is required and you won’t have to hire a high-salaried software developer to handle the code. On your end, you’ll begin to enjoy the benefits of technology many large corporations already have in place.

Real-Time Inventory Information

If your website doesn’t display up-to-date inventory information, your customer service may already be suffering. Items should be noted as out of stock immediately to prevent a customer from trying to purchase them. If you’re still required to occasionally contact a customer to let them know the item they’ve ordered is on back-order and won’t ship for four weeks, you’re probably aware of the customer relations nightmare that can pose.

Big Data Capabilities

You may have heard that Big Data is the next big thing, but assume it doesn’t apply to your business. Big Data is expected to be an integral part of doing business in 2014. Kinesis is designed to process a large amount of data in real-time, giving even the smallest businesses the information they need to make decisions and move their business to the next level. Kinesis users can get back data as frequently as each hour on everything from financial transactions to social media feeds.

Real-Time Analytics

No more waiting until the end of a specified period of time to gain insight about your marketing campaigns, website sales, and similar information. With Kinesis, consumers can see results immediately, which can be particularly helpful in presenting reports to board members, clients, and management.

With Kinesis, AWS brings another level of corporate functionality to businesses of all sizes. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, all data is supported by some of the best technology professionals in the business.