What Cloud-Based Apps Mean for Your Business

We’ve long heard that the days of CDs, DVDs, and the hardware to play them were numbered, but what does this mean for business? Many businesses are operating without these media already, instead storing the apps they need to install regularly on servers or external hard drives.

But with Amazon’s AppStream, businesses may soon have an even easier option. With AppStream, apps are stored in the cloud, accessible by any device with an Internet connection. This means smartphones and tablets can run the apps businesses use each day without them being installed on the device.

When sourced through a managed AWS provider, AppStream can be set up to run your applications from the cloud, bringing the following benefits to your company.


AppStream brings scalability to businesses, which means apps grow as a business’s needs grow. Businesses specify the capacity they’ll need and the service automatically scales within that range, making sure apps are able to constantly meet demand.

Business Continuity

Because apps are hosted in the cloud, they’re safe from any disaster your physical location could encounter. Floods, fires, hurricanes… Amazon ensures your application is not only safe, but that it is accessible in the event your building becomes uninhabitable. Employees can connect from home using a PC or mobile device, allowing your business to continue to function.


A business no longer has to worry about creating a version of its app for each device. With AppStream, a business’s managed AWS provider can upload an application, along with a client application for each device that will be using it. As new devices emerge, a business’s developers need only create a new client application to support those devices.

With AppStream, Amazon is at the forefront of what will likely be a new era of gaming and application access. By streaming apps from the cloud, businesses no longer have to deal with resource-consuming apps on equipment and they’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that their apps are safe.