3 Top Benefits of Outsourcing via the Cloud

The cloud has opened up numerous opportunities for today’s businesses, allowing even the smallest start-up to compete against corporate giants. As a business considers outsourcing tasks to contract workers and third-party providers, the cloud opens up even more possibilities. Here are three major cloud benefits your organization should consider before beginning an outsourcing project.

Real-Time Collaboration

Outsourcing has the potential to save a business money and improve efficiency, but poor communication can derail an entire project. Cloud collaboration tools like Basecamp and Google Apps for Business give organizations the ability to communicate with outsourcing service providers in real time, saving valuable time that can keep your projects on track.

Accessibility from Anywhere

The cloud makes it easy for professionals to connect and collaborate, whether they’re in an office on a PC or on the road on a mobile device. For both employees and outsource service providers, this provides a level of convenience a business wouldn’t otherwise have, opening up the ability to work on projects and get status updates on the go. With cloud collaboration tools, professionals always have access to the latest version of a document or file, reducing the risk of two employees working on the same file separately.

Security Control

Without having to adjust security settings, businesses can also give outsource workers the ability to log in and see only the information they need to see to do their jobs. This gives businesses the peace of mind of knowing their sensitive work data will remain safely behind firewalls, accessible only to the full-time employees who have access.

As your business grows, you’ll likely find you’re working with outsourcing service providers more often. By using cloud-based collaboration tools, you’ll be able to streamline the process, making it easier for your team members to communicate and work in coordination with third-party providers, even if they’re on the other side of the world.