3 Ways Videoconferencing Can Modernize Your Business

Now more than ever, videoconferencing is accessible to the masses, enabling businesses of all sizes to communicate. Videoconferencing is no longer confined to large conference rooms and shared spaces. In fact, your IT support team can help set up videoconferencing solutions that allow workers to host video calls from their desks, from home, or from a mobile device while on the road.

When used to its fullest, videoconferencing can save businesses money and empower workers. As videoconferencing continues to change the face of business, adaptation will no longer be optional. A big client will ask to meet using video on GoToMeeting or WebEx and your business will be required to comply…or risk appearing outdated. Before you fall behind, here are a few ways videoconferencing can help your business today.

Impress clients

Your IT providers can set you up with a solution that not only allows face-to-face conversation, but incorporates other technologies. Share your computer screen to demonstrate how something will works, incorporate a PowerPoint presentation, and bring multiple team members in on the same call. Your grasp of technology will not only help you better convey ideas, it will also wow those clients who have not yet seen full-blown videoconferencing in action.

Save on travel

At one time, business owners and sales personnel were required to hit the road to land new clients and maintain existing accounts. Videoconferencing has allowed corporate America to meet where they are, which not only cuts down on the cost of airline tickets and hotel rooms, but it also keeps workers in the office, where they can be most productive.

Work from home

Even for business owners who are against workers telecommuting, videoconferencing opens up possibilities. Perhaps the business owner himself would occasionally like to come in late. Videoconferencing allows for easy interaction from wherever you are. Over the long-term, videoconferencing opens up possibilities, like hiring a remote worker to redesign your corporate logo or handle small administrative tasks. For offices with telecommuters, videoconferencing allows for communication throughout the day, saving costs on office space while still keeping employees in the know.

As videoconferencing becomes more popular, every business will eventually be asked to use the technology. By adapting solutions now, those businesses can remain competitive and be prepared for that big meeting with a promising new client.

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