How to choose the best private cloud host

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Private Cloud Host

Many companies use public clouds because they are often the most scalable and the cheapest option available. Private clouds, on the other hand, are among the most expensive options available to companies. Yet, companies still go for this option because of the added benefits and features private clouds offer.

The ability to keep your data perfectly secure and backed up is too important for some companies to compromise on. You will find private clouds most commonly being used in companies with heavy information related regulations (such as financial institutes) and companies that need to store confidential data. If you’re looking for the best in private clouds, here are 4 tips that will guide you to the right host.

1) Reputation Matters

When it comes to hosting important information, you cannot risk with a host you are not sure of. Stick to the companies that have been tried and tested by the industry. Look for reviews and customer feedback of the different private cloud providers before you make a decision. It is better to go with a trusted company, such as Microsoft because you know they won’t just shut down in a year or two.

2) Hybrid Clouds

If costs are becoming an issue, then you need to consider hybrid clouds. Fact is, you probably don’t need all your information to be in a private cloud. You can specify what type of data goes into the private cloud while running a public cloud in parallel that stores and processes everything else. Hybrid clouds are becoming more and more common.

3) Compatibility

Having a private host means that you have the freedom to do what you want with the cloud. You need to look at how compatible the host is with what you’re trying to create. This means ensuring there will be no surprise restrictions or charges. Often, miscommunication in this area results in companies getting upset because they received a huge bill for using the cloud too many times.

4) Security

Security is one of the main selling points of private cloud. You need to see how secure the private cloud host is. How many backup and redundancies they have. You need to ensure that you do not end up picking a host that will not be able to deliver when needed. A well implemented cloud infrastructure runs the company. This means if the infrastructure goes down for any security reason, the company can come to a standstill. Discuss business continuance with the private cloud host.


There’s a lot more to look for when making the decision about where you want to host your private cloud. It is a good idea to keep it as in-house as possible, but only if you can deliver the security that is required for a private cloud. Do not gamble on this; you need to be sure that your team will be able to ensure that the data is completely secure in the private cloud.