5 Top Travel Apps You Need Today

5 Top Travel Apps You Need Today

Traveling is one of the best things you can do, but planning can be tricky is not done properly. If you have plans to travel soon then we have the perfect set of apps for you. These apps will help you pack, reach new destinations, and help make sure that you have a great time wherever you go.


Hipmunk is becoming increasingly popular among travelers and it is easy to see why. Instead of just picking one part of traveling, the app aims to be the one stop shop for all your traveling needs. This app is great if you want to plan the perfect trip. You can look at flights, buy tickets, look at hotels, and reserve a room all form the same app. It also has many other useful features and tips for frequent travelers. Hipmunk is definitely one of the best way to find hotels and flights. The best part is that the app even recommends destinations – tell it what type of a vacation you want and your budget and the app will come up with places for you to go.


No matter how well you plan, it always feels like you end up forgetting something on the trip. As frequent travelers, we can’t even count the extra phone chargers and tooth brushes we have bought because we forgot to pack ours. You also never want to forget any essential documents. PackPoint helps you pack everything by giving you lists of all travel essentials. It even has different lists for different traveling types (business, personal, and more).


You should already have Uber on your phone. If you don’t, then make sure you install it before going out anywhere. Uber is useful for travelers because it makes it easy to understand payments. There’s an old trope about tourists getting ripped off by taxi drivers. That won’t happen as long as you have Uber. You will also be surprised at the number of countries that have Uber now. You’ll find the service active in the United Arab Emirates, China, Pakistan, Brazil, India, and more.


If you travel frequently, you need to install TripIt right now. Once you start using this app, you will wonder how you ever managed to live without it. Simply send any ticket confirmation email you get to plans@tripit.com and it will be added to your itinerary automatically. You then get notifications about flights and traveling about your destination. You can also pay for the pro version to receive even more data – right down to the boarding gate you need to use.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather app more beautiful and useful than any app you have used so far. This app will help you ensure that you pack properly for your trip by giving you a detailed analysis of what the weather is expected to be at your destination. The representation of weather in this app goes beyond other apps.


There are many other apps which you’ll find useful. AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and Kayak are just some of the apps that come in handy when traveling.