How to stay safe when shopping online

6 Ways to Safely Shop Online During Holiday Season

We love what online shopping has done for the holiday season. No more standing in lines or visiting multiple stores to get what you want. However, you need to make sure you do online shopping safely. There’s nothing worse than someone stealing your credit card info and buying things with it, especially when its holiday season.
Here are 6 tips that will keep you safe.

Keep your anti-virus updated

People do not realize how essential this is. You need to make sure that your anti-virus software is updated otherwise you may be vulnerable to new hacks and attacks. Yes, we know, it is annoying to see that update anti-virus notification again and again but you still need to do it. Do not ever turn off your anti-virus software or purchase anything on a computer or device that does not have an anti-virus app.

Only use your own devices

Never enter your credit card information on any other computer. It is very easy to install a keylogger in a computer that silently records all the information you put in a computer. Only use devices that you trust fully. Don’t go around using the computers of your family members or friends either; they may be trustable, but someone else may have messed with their computer.

Never use public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi seems like a godsend but it is notoriously unsafe. Never enter credit card information on a connection if you are not in control of the router. Also make sure that your home’s Wi-Fi system is secure. Change the password if you have left the default password on.

Only buy from trusted websites

Stick to the websites you know about. If a new website offers a deal that seems too good to be true then it may just be a scam website trying to get your credit card information. You don’t want to wait around for a package that will never come. There are many famous and trust worthy websites which have been running for years. Stick to the ones that you have bought from previously.

Stay Vigilant

Keep a close watch on all your billing details. If you see any suspicious charges or cannot remember buying something but see it on the bill investigate immediately. There are many people who will buy a lot of things from your credit card at once, but the smarter ones will keep making small purchases over a long period of time so you don’t suspect anything.

Make sure the URL is right

Many scam websites will have URL’s very similar to legitimate websites to fool you into making a purchase. Verify that the URL is exactly what it should be. You may find yourself on a website which is one alphabet away from being the right website and your credit card info will be stolen.


Another great tip is to be aware of all the buyer protection options you have on your credit card. Make sure you know your rights!

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  1. Ines Pljakic says:

    Many people nowadays are buying on the go! Great tip not to put credit card info when using public wi-fi. We should all be aware of that!

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