AI & cloud computing - How AI can change cloud computing

AI & Cloud Computing – How AI Can Change Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has almost completed its dominance of tech. Cloud solutions have become so common that they are used even for personal tasks, not only business. However, what we have seen so far is only the beginning. Cloud will reach its real potential once AI is fully integrated into it.

Cloud has won over other technologies because it is cost effective and allows more freedom for companies. No company is going to say no to a solution that costs less while providing more. However, the inclusion of AI in cloud solutions promises to be a game changer. Putting everything on the cloud is just the first step. Here’s how AI can completely change the cloud:

AI will replace project management

AI is for management what robots have been for manufacturing. Factories that used to require hundreds of laborers have now become fully automated, as robots can do the work faster, with more accuracy. AI will do the same for management. A company will simply upload a project online and everything else will be managed by AI. AI will analyze the project, analyze the requirements, use the historical data to determine how long the work will take, analyze employee performance to determine what employees will be best to work on the project, and assign everyone tasks. This is only possible if the AI has access to the complete cloud data of AI.

Cloud will become the driving force of business with AI

Cloud right now is empowering companies to do more. Once AI is integrated with the cloud, cloud will end up driving the whole company. The AI will access all the data from the cloud and create predictions, forecasts, and much more, at a level that is beyond human comprehension. Instead of telling the cloud what to do, it will be the other way around.

AI needs the cloud

One misconception that many people have about AI is that it can work in a closed system. They think of it as an intelligence that will be able to provide answers on its own. This isn’t the case – in order to make the right decisions, or to think, the AI will need data. This data is available, right now, in the cloud. AI will take some time to analyze the data and learn more about the company, the employees, the market, and the environment. AI cannot be delivered to companies without the cloud.


There are many other ways that the cloud will be completely changed by AI in the coming few years. It has already started – IBM’s Watson, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Machine Learning tools are already available to the cloud. These tools are being honed every time they use, and soon they may turn into fully empowered artificial intelligence.