Best Groups for IT Professionals on LinkedIn

Best Groups for IT Professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most useful professional tool we have right now. There is no larger network of professionals anywhere else – no other website even comes close. The best part of LinkedIn is that it allows you to network with people in your industry. Networking is the best way to find better job prospects, and LinkedIn allows you to become friends with people who may be able to refer you. However, to connect with the right people, you need to be in the right circles. If you are in the wrong LinkedIn networks and groups, then it is not going to be beneficial for you in anyway. LinkedIn isn’t just for finding a job – it is also for becoming a well-known voice of authority in your region. Let’s look at some groups that are perfect for professionals in the Managed Service Provider field.


With more than 8000 members, this is one of the largest MSP specific groups on LinkedIn. This group is fantastic if you want to learn more about improving your MSP services, and learn about new developments in the field. The focus on mentoring sets this group apart from other MSP related groups. If you are new to the field, then this is a great place to learn. If you are experienced already, then this is a great place to share some of the wisdom and insights you have accumulated over the years.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Best Practices

There are more than 300 professionals in this group and they are all here for one purpose only; to find and discuss the best practices of this field. The Managed Service Provider field is still relatively nascent when it comes to IT, and thus there is a lot of potential to find new and better ways to do things. You’ll notice that you will gain a deeper understanding of the MSP industry, and what clients expect from you once you go through this group.

Managed Service Provider Business Network

This group has only around 600 members, but that’s a positive point not a negative one. Why? The simple reason is that this group is for business networking. The group only allows MSP professionals in, and is explicitly for companies and professionals with experience in the industry. If you are new to the industry and want to learn the ins and outs, look elsewhere. If you are an experienced professional or an owner of an MSP company, this is the group for you.

Managed Service Providers Group – An open discussion forum

All the groups we have mentioned so far had a specific purpose. This group is different. It is meant to be for open discussions. So, if you have a problem you need help with, have something you want to discuss, or any other MSP related issue, feel free to post it here. The open discussion forum allows you to connect better with other professionals, and allows for a more free-form discussion that can cover more ground.


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool – however, you should make sure you’re in the right places to benefit from it.