CS announces NOC

ComputerSupport.com Announces General Availability of ITAnyWhere NOC to Improve Mid-Market IT Operations

New NOC services decrease downtime and IT operational expenditures, plus increase time to resolution to accommodate peak performance during high business activity levels.

ComputerSupport.com, a national provider of managed IT and cloud services for businesses, today announced the general availability of ITAnyWhere NOC, a Network Operations Service for the middle market. With ITAnyWhere NOC, ComputerSupport.com’s customers can now augment their existing IT organization with around-the-clock network, server and cloud monitoring, escalation and remediation services.

Between 2012 and 2015, the demand for NOC management services has been rising, mainly driven by multiple macroeconomic conditions, among which are business activity levels. With this demand, the prices for NOC management services have increased at a pace of 0.8% annually.

Whether it’s a retailer who has to service a surge in customers during a sale or peak seasonal shopping period, or a medical insurance company rushing to process claims and open new policies ahead of major deadlines, the last thing that any company needs – especially those in the mid-market – is to be derailed from optimal efficiency levels by IT performance issues,” shared ComputerSupport.com co-founder Kirill Bensonoff. “We’re excited to affordably support the companies whose reliance on IT to run smoothly can literally make or break their business, or significantly impact their bottom line.

ComputerSupport.com has tested the NOC services with some of its’ customer and results showed a decrease in downtime duration, a 60% increase in time to resolution, and a decrease in IT operational expenditures.

We outsourced the business of running our network to ComputerSupport.com. The wide variety of expertise they bring to our company not only in running the existing network but in the telecom area, planning for growth and budgeting has been a tremendous asset. Our company is no longer reacting to adverse network issues; instead we are in a proactive mode of operations. I’m very pleased with our decision to outsource to ComputerSupport.com,” said Stephanie Hulbig, Director of MIS, Affiliated Professional Services.

ITAnyWhere NOC provided by ComputerSupport.com is priced at $10 per monitored device per month, which provides IT departments a budget friendly solution for 24/7/365 coverage, as well as tools to monitor and remediate common issues.