Something Windows 8 This Way Comes

As you may have heard, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 is coming out October 26th.  This release has a little more weight to it than previous Windows releases.  It’s a cutoff point for Microsoft on both the hardware and software front.  For example, the new Internet Explorer which has a vast market share will not be compatible with Windows Vista or XP.  Windows 8 will also have a full x86 tablet version which will support touch screens.  The down side is that the new operating system will boast the Metro interface.  It’s different and people don’t like different.

Microsoft has even added a few incentives to switch over to the new system.  First is price.  To upgrade from Windows 7 to 8 will cost 15 dollars and from Vista or XP it will take 40 dollars.  That’s pretty good deal, if you have a mind to switch.  Another incentive are the apps.  Microsoft has been offering up to sixty thousand dollars to developers to make programs exclusive to Windows 8.  And with the Surface on the way, Microsoft needs to show it can still innovate.  Hopefully, the upgrade won’t be an IT support nightmare.