Top 3 App Performance Management Solutions

Top 3 App Performance Management Solutions

Performance Management has quietly become one of the most important tasks of the IT department. Almost every enterprise and medium sized company is being driven through cloud and ERP apps, and having any of them go down can mean productivity and financial losses for the company. Performance Management Solutions are the perfect way to manage everything. They keep track of every part of the business process, and immediately send an alert if something starts to lag or stops working. Here are 3 of our favorite such solutions.

Applications Manager

At first look Applications Manager looks barebones. Even the name just literally explains what it does. However, this isn’t a sign of the solution not being powerful enough – the opposite is true. When you have substance, you don’t need style, and Applications Manager has a lot of substance. This is one of the strongest solutions available on the market. Applications Manager is known for its ease of installation. This is not a solution you must spend days just to make it work within your company.

It is one of the most enterprise ready solutions available on the market. It is made with enterprises in mind and is already compatible with most of the apps and solutions being used in enterprises. This is the solution for managers who want everything working perfectly. It’s hard to think of areas this solution does not cover. It analyzes performance, keeps tracks of necessary updates, alerts when needed. The only reason that this solution isn’t more common is the price. It is one of the most expensive such solutions available on the market. However, the huge performance boost you get from properly managed software makes it easily worth the asking price.

Stackify Retrace

Stackify Retrace is a bit different from other application managers, because it is aimed at developers. If your company develops software and uses ERP solutions, then Stackify Retrace is the manager you have been looking for. One of its best features is tracking bugs and issues. If any bug or issue is found in any of the applications you are using, you will immediately get notified about it. It is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game, and to ensure that you fix any issues before they reach the client-end.

The core of Stackify Retrace rests on its actionable insights. It doesn’t just give you data – it gives you actionable intelligence about what to do to improve performance. This makes it a bit better than most other app performance management solutions. The dashboard allows you to see the health and performance level of your whole system at a glance. Another impressive feature is how well it integrates with commonly used app stacks. It is also a scalable solution on the SaaS model, which means it will never become a bottleneck, and will also be affordable for most companies.

Kaseya Traverse

Traverse is an apt name for this app performance management solution, because that is one of the first things it does when installed. The main differentiating point between Traverse and other solutions is the ease of installation. With most such solutions you have to spend hours or days configuring it to work with all your solutions and networks. No such thing is needed here, as Traverse will scan your networks, your business processes, and more to figure out the topology of your network and data storage. Once it identifies everything it will configure itself to work with as many things as it can.

If your company is using a hybrid system that is part cloud and part on-site then Traverse is going to make your life much easier, because it is capable of ensuring both work. It also attempts to fix any problems it can by itself, which is a great way to ensure that all your apps keep working correctly.


There are other platform specific app performance management solutions available too. These solutions make the company more efficient, and free up valuable human resources. Instead of hiring a full team to just keep an eye on things, the company can hire a few experts to solve problems, and leave the problem detection part to these solutions. They are also, unsurprisingly, much more efficient at finding problems than any person can be. They constantly scan every part of the network to find issues and solve them as quickly as possible.