What’s new in Windows 8 Part 2

With Windows 7 now firmly entrenched on PCs across the world, it’s time to look to Microsoft’s new version of the operating system, Windows 8.

Microsoft recently released a developer preview, which has allowed a “sneak peak” at some of its new features.

Keep all your devices in sync:

Like Apple’s new iCloud service, Microsoft is allowing Windows 8 users to keep all of their devices in sync (like your desktop, laptop and mobile) with their new live cloud syncing features.  This feature will automatically update your address book, calendar, pictures, and much more, across all of your devices.  It allows you to smoothly transition between your different technologies without having to worry about old data.

Performance and Search Upgrades:

Aside from the major functionality changes above, Microsoft has also been going to great pains to upgrade how the operating system runs – getting load times down and general responsiveness up.

Early testers are reporting a lot of success in this area.  The new version of Windows boots up much more quickly than earlier versions did.  Testers are also positively mentioning the revised “search” function, which they report turns around stronger and more detailed results in much less time than with any earlier Windows OS.

Windows Store:

Apple has been getting a lot of exposure for their “App Store” – an online store allowing people to purchase apps on the Internet and download them directly, rather than having to buy them at a regular retail outlet.

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft is offering a similar service – the “Windows Store”.  Though not included in the early testing versions of Windows 8, it is expected that its functionality will be similar to that of the App Store, and allow for online purchases of Windows-compatible software.

In Conclusion:

Windows 8 isn’t expected until mid-2012 for consumers, but all signs indicate that the new release will be a continued improvement from Windows 7.