What’s New in Windows 8

With Windows 7 now firmly entrenched on PCs across the world, it’s time to look to Microsoft’s new version of the operating system, Windows 8.

Microsoft recently released a developer preview, which has allowed a “sneak peak” at some of its new features.

The User Interface:

Perhaps the most notable change in Windows 8 is the user interface.  Windows 8 makes use of the “metro” interface that was previously used in the Windows Phone 7 operating system.  You now navigate Windows by choosing your applications using a number of tiles.  You organize the tiles based on what apps are most important to you.  Updates are made very quickly, as you can “pin” and “unpin” tiles as needed.

“Windows To Go”:

This is a very neat feature that’s being introduced with Windows 8.  Windows To Go allows you to create a complete USB key version of your Windows system, including all of your programs.  You can then plug that USB key into any compatible computer, and boot up with an exact replica of your programs and settings.

This is bound to make traveling far easier, as your computer can come with you in a key.  It will also make disaster recovery a snap, as you can just plug your settings into a new computer and keep moving!

Keep all your devices in sync:

Like Apple’s new iCloud service, Microsoft is allowing Windows 8 users to keep all of their devices in sync (like your desktop, laptop and mobile) with their new live cloud syncing features.  This feature will automatically update your address book, calendar, pictures, and much more, across all of your devices.  It allows you to smoothly transition between your different technologies without having to worry about old data.

Stay tuned for more features next week.