Are You Recording Your Customer Calls? These Cloud Solutions Can Help

Any business that deals with customer support via telephone has a need to record calls. By creating and retaining audio copies of calls, administrative staff can regularly monitor calls for quality assurance, as well as have a documented copy of any transaction that took place.

But many businesses aren’t aware of the many affordable cloud-based options that are now available. Thanks to these solutions, even the smallest organizations can have access to the same enterprise-level support employed by their much larger competitors. Through using cloud hosting software solutions for call recording, businesses can save money while improving productivity.


Using Telstrat, businesses can conduct such operations as screen capture, coaching and e-learning, and more. Telstrat can support up to 250 stations and multiple PBXs and voice technologies on the same server. Several demo videos are available for businesses that want a visual of how the service works.


For Broadsoft VoIP customers, Oaisys offers an integrated call recording solution that can be set to either automatically record all calls or record on demand. With Oaisys Tracer, businesses enjoy secure storage for their call recordings that allow them to review them at will. Calls can be recorded as they are happening, allowing for real-time coaching to help employees improve as they go.


With its Interceptor call recording system, CallMiner places an emphasis on analytics. Through capturing high-quality audio from calls, CallMiner gives businesses the opportunity to categorize calls for reporting purposes. The software promises a 60 percent improvement in accuracy over other call recording solutions, with call to cradle recording available.

Before choosing a cloud-based call recording solution, businesses should check with their existing VoIP service to determine if a cloud-based recording service is already available. If not, it may be worthwhile to search for a recording solution that works well with existing VoIP services for best results.