5 Best Antivirus Products for Suppressing Unwanted Programs

5-Best-Antivirus-Products-for-Suppressing-Unwanted-Programs_infographics_v2As a busy professional, you rely heavily on your electronic devices throughout the day. Whether you’re trying to find the best place to take a client for lunch or conducting research for a report, it’s important that your internet browsing experience be as painless as possible. Unfortunately, the web too often has other plans for you, as websites push unwanted programs and applications to your device.

For this reason, every business needs a good antivirus suite. The right program protects against spyware, viruses, and unwanted programs that attach themselves to legitimate downloads. Here are a few of the top antivirus products for keeping unwanted programs off your computer.


One of the best things about this popular antivirus suite is that the basic suite is completely free. The free version protects your computer against viruses and spyware, as well as providing link protection for some social media sites. For $59.99, you can add protection against harmful downloads, prevent spam, and block hackers while shopping.


For the same price as AVG’s paid version, Kaspersky offers an online security edition that keeps viruses and other online threats away from your device. The suite’s application control feature blocks dangerous applications that can harm a system and a two-way firewall blocks hacker attacks.


McAfee offers four layers of protection against threats, preventing viruses, spyware, adware, and more from infiltrating your device. The software has built-in controls to detect threats before they make it to a business’s servers or devices.

Norton Security

For a slightly higher price, Symantec’s Norton provides malware and virus protection for all of a user’s devices. If a device is lost or stolen, the software can be used to help locate it, preventing possible data leaks. For $10 more per year, users can access Norton Security with Backup to automatically move up to 25 GB of files over to a secure cloud-based server.


Like AVG, Avast has a free version, but its paid version is slightly cheaper than the competition. For $39.99 a year, your business can add a silent firewall and anti-spam controls. The free basic plan protects devices against spyware and rootkit threats, as well as providing intelligent antivirus protection.

Unwanted software can slow down a device’s performance and cause crashes. By employing the best technology for protecting your sensitive devices, you can prevent downtime and remain productive throughout your day.

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  1. Zlatan Feric says:

    Very cool! Avast is my favorite anti-virus as it has a great “overview” page where you can see the status of web, hard drive, and network security. It also installs fairly quickly and is easy to use. Ever since I downloaded it I did not have to deal with viruses.

  2. Michael Kamierick says:

    I believe that MalwareBytes is an essential complement to any of these programs, even Kaspersky.
    I have solved root kit issues with it that Kaspersky couldn’t even detect.
    Free and premium versions are available.

  3. Erin @ Intel Security says:

    Thank you very much for valuable information.It’s really useful for all antivirus users.As i am a small IT firm owner i also will be benefited by this information.User can taking antivirus which he/she like best.Thanks

    • Lynn Zhou says:

      Thank you Erin! We will continue to blog more on the security topic as we see how important it is in today’s cloud-ubiquitous world. Stay tuned!

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