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Best Online Backup Services to use in 2017

When the time comes to choose an online backup service to go with, it isn’t an easy choice to make. There are many different options, features, and limits that need to be kept in mind, along with the pricing. IT managers need to ensure that they choose a backup service that delivers them the storage, […]

How IoT Will Change Project Management

The Internet of Things isn’t just another technology – it is the next phase in technology. There have been many such phases that have revolutionized the world. This includes the invention of the steam engine, the invention of usable electricity (AC and DC), the invention of computers, the creation of the internet, cellular communications, and […]

4 Great Alternatives to Uber

If you are looking for alternatives for Uber, we have great news for you. Uber is no longer the only company offering convenient ride-sharing services, and we built a list of additional 4 great Uber-like solutions. Note that not all these companies are available everywhere, so we have chosen many different ones to ensure that […]

Best iOS Apps to Use in 2017

Looking back in time, the applications available were basic, simply because most phone operating systems simply didn’t allow the apps to do much. Apps add modularity to our phones, allowing them to do new things. Here are some of the apps we think will be perfect for 2017. Hipstamatic To make your photos even better, […]

Nokia 3310 Comeback – A Time Travel Experience

Nokia 3310 is a symbol of connectivity for most of us, as it has been the fanciest mobile phone in the early ’00s. Recently, the Internet, this vast black hole of knowledge, gave the Nokia 3310 the “brand” it deserved. Websites like 9Gag or Reddit, and many others sharing “memes” always compared the Nokia 3310 […]

Top 3 App Performance Management Solutions

Performance Management has quietly become one of the most important tasks of the IT department. Almost every enterprise and medium sized company is being driven through cloud and ERP apps, and having any of them go down can mean productivity and financial losses for the company. Performance Management Solutions are the perfect way to manage […]

4 Best Business Laptops of 2017

Business laptops are a completely different beast than other laptops. Instead of looking at flashy gimmicks, you are lucking at pure performance. Most tech websites are just interested in selling you overpriced machines by big brands. Let’s look at things from a different point of view and see what laptops are best suited for people […]

Top Android Apps for 2017

Android and iOS phones are both powered by apps. These apps can be useful, or just distractions to pass the time. We are very conscious about the apps we install, and are always on the hunt for better apps. Installing a useful app significantly improves your life and allows you to do more than before. […]