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Is Digital disruption slowing growth?

We are living in an era when new technologies and companies are emerging and are defeating behemoth corporations that used to dominate. When you look at the news coming out of the world of business you will see a lot of activity: new start-ups, promising advances in technology, better efficiency in businesses and other positive […]

3 Microsoft Azure features you need to know about

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering. With Azure, Microsoft is trying to chip away at the market share of Amazon’s Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and other competitors. Azure has many great things to offer and the biggest one is that it integrates properly with other Microsoft products. This is where Microsoft and Google have a […]

5 ways to keep your data safe from Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming increasingly popular. The term refers to a type of virus which holds your data hostage for money. This is how it works:  you will get a notification that all your data is encrypted, and in order to un-encrypt it, you must pay a certain amount for a decryption tool. Ransomware wasn’t a […]

5 Technology Trends to Expect In 2017

Every year, we end up seeing something new becoming a part of our normal life. It always starts out slowly. Developers, scientists, and visionaries are right now working on technologies we will only find out about in a few years. There are many technologies which have been in development for a long time and are […]